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A Public Knight's Banquet

The very special knightly feast

A quaint evening that will take you to long past times.

The herald guides you through the night and  interacts with the guests.

The guests will be involved in the program and our  waiters will provide you with delicious foods and drinks.

The highlight of the evening will be "the knighting".  A guest will put on amour and- if he passes the very last test- knighted by Schloß Auerbach.


Schloß Auerbach has repeatedly been voted best dinner and entertainment venue in Hesse.



Look forward to a knightly feast!




Dark bread with hefty greaves lard


Odenwald vegetable terrine with herbal sauce


Potato soup served in a cup of rye


Juicy rpast pork stuffed with mustard onions served with bread dumplings and bacon


Cake baked according to traditional recipies


 Edamer cheese with grapes and pretzel sticks


As much beer, wine and softdrinks as you wish for 3 hours.


The castle mug may be taken home as a souvenir.




Prices 2010

Prices after 07/2011